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15 Reasons to Work in Australia as a GP


15 Reasons to Work in Australia as a GP

Australia’s wide and varied landscape is reflected in its diversified healthcare requirements. In many cases, general practitioners (GPs) serve as the primary point of contact for patient care at the core of this system. GPs are committed to serving their communities whether they are based in urban or rural areas.

This article highlights the complex network of GPs in Australia, emphasising the essential contribution of overseas trained GPs in filling in the gaps and ensuring that healthcare is accessible nationwide. Find out more about the figures, locations, and tales that provide a complete picture of GPs in Australia.

Essential Role of Doctors Who Work in Australia as a GP

The cornerstone of Australian healthcare is the GP, who offers vital medical services to communities all over the huge nation. According to recent data, Australia is home to over 30,000 GPs. While urban centres like Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane are well-served, the demand for GPs is unevenly spread and there is a noticeable shortage in rural and remote areas. Due to this gap, several financial and professional incentives are provided to entice GPs to these neglected areas.

Essential Role of Overseas Trained Doctors Who Work in Australia as a GP

As a result of the consistent arrival of GPs with overseas training throughout the years, Australia’s medical workforce now has a more diverse and skilled workforce.

In today’s world, a notable number of doctors who work in Australia as a GP have received overseas training, coming from nations such as the United Kingdom (UK), India, South Africa, and New Zealand (NZ), among others. These overseas trained doctors who work in Australia as a GP typically find work in regions with a GP shortage. Due to this trend, a sizable majority of them work in outlying, rural, and regional areas. For instance, overseas trained doctors make up more than 40% of the GP workforce in some regional places. Their assistance is greatly appreciated, especially in areas where there is a shortage of medical professionals.

Recognising their crucial function, the Australian government offers a number of support systems and channels to facilitate their incorporation into the country’s healthcare system.

15 Reasons to Work in Australia as a GP

The draw of working in Australia is ever-present for doctors from NZ and the UK. Australia is a sought-after travel destination because of multiple reasons including lifestyle options, career prospects, and geographic accessibility (particularly for NZ doctors). Here are 15 reasons to work in Australia as a GP, designed specifically for you if you are from the UK or NZ and thinking about moving to Australia for your career:

1. Familiar Medical System:

Doctors from NZ and the UK will find the Australian medical system to be rather familiar. The transition will be easier because the Australian healthcare system is similar to the NHS and the health system in NZ.

2. Strong Healthcare System:

The advanced and comprehensive healthcare system in Australia guarantees that GPs have access to the most recent tools, resources, and learning opportunities. This guarantees professional development and the provision of top-notch treatment.

3. High Demand:

There is a persistent need for qualified doctors of general practice because of Australia’s growing population and the particular difficulties of providing care to both urban and rural regions. For doctors from the UK and NZ, this leads to greater employment prospects and stability.

4. Competitive Remuneration:

Australia gives GPs substantial remuneration packages that frequently exceed those in the UK or NZ. Financial rewards are important with additional perks and incentives, especially in rural areas.

5. Recognition of NZ/UK Medical Degrees:

Australia accepts medical degrees from both NZ and the UK. This frequently results in a smoother and faster transition for medical professionals from these nations.

6. Opportunity for Rural Areas:

Australia’s rural and remote locations present unmatched opportunities for individuals who sincerely want to make a difference. GPs may find these roles fulfilling, especially with additional incentives.

7. Work-Life Balance:

Australia’s emphasis on leading a balanced lifestyle enables GPs to take advantage of their professional obligations while also partaking in the nation’s outdoor and recreational pursuits.

8. Continual Professional Development:

Australia places a great value on the ongoing education and training of its medical professionals, just like the UK and NZ do. Numerous conferences, workshops, and courses are available that are customised to your needs.

9. Common Cultural Values:

While NZ and UK doctors will find many shared cultural values in Australia for smoother social integration, it’s important to note that each country has its distinct culture.

10. Climate and Lifestyle:

With a variety of tropical and temperate climates, Australia has something to offer everyone. The Australian way of life is alluring, whether you enjoy living by the beach or in the wilderness.

11. Overseas Trained Doctors’ Network:

With many doctors from NZ and the UK already working in Australia, newcomers can make use of an established network that provides support, advice, and friendship.

12. Advanced Research Options:

For individuals interested in conducting research, Australia has cutting-edge facilities and a wealth of options.

13. English as a Primary Language:

Since there is no language barrier for English-speaking doctors from the UK and NZ, patient care and integration into the medical community are made simple.

14. Geographic Proximity (for NZ Doctors):

For NZ doctors, their family and home in NZ are only a short flight away, making frequent visits possible.

15. High Standard of Living:

With cities that frequently rank highly in liveability indexes around the world, Australia has top-notch infrastructure, world-class education, and a booming economy, ensuring a high standard of living.


In conclusion, while any decision to relocate is substantial, there are many professional, social, and personal benefits that help doctors from the UK and NZ adjust to work in Australia as a GP. Australia can be your perfect next home if you’re looking to advance your career in a supportive setting.


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