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6 Things You Should Know About Being a Doctor in Australia


Things You Should Know About Being a Doctor in Australia

Australia offers a very appealing picture with its sun-kissed beaches, diverse culture, and world-class healthcare system. The draw for doctors, notably those from the UK and New Zealand, extends beyond the beautiful scenery. Let’s examine the various advantages of working as a doctor in Australia in comparison to the situations in New Zealand and the UK, and how Medic Oncall can assist.

6 Things You Should Know About Being a Doctor in Australia

1. Lucrative Career Possibilities:

When being a doctor in Australia, international doctors often find exceptional opportunities outside the urban cities, as the vast continent presents a range of healthcare needs.

  • Doctors Needed in Rural and Remote Areas: Australia’s enormous expanses offer a unique medical experience. These R&R areas have an urgent need for medical personnel because they frequently have greater patient-to-doctor ratios. Doctors who choose to work here are rewarded with alluring incentives, including competitive pay, familial support, and chances to get more medical experience.
  • Job Security in Priority Areas: Because of the increased demand in rural and remote (R&R) areas, doctors in Australia who choose to work there often enjoy greater job security, leading to a more stable and rewarding career.
  • Personal Exploration: Australia’s well-connected infrastructure makes cities like Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane accessible even if your professional jobs place you far from major urban centres. This enables the ideal fusion of professional country experience with urban adventure in your own time.

2. Competitive Remuneration and Benefits:

In terms of compensation, Australia frequently leads the pack, surpassing both the UK and NZ.

  • Salaries: When being a doctor in Australia, doctors can expect to earn between AUD$250,000 and AUD$500,000 per year, depending on their specialisation and location.
  • Advantages: In addition to respectable pay, doctors can look forward to advantages including superannuation (similar to the pension plans in the UK and New Zealand), generous yearly leave, and, in some cases, housing or vehicle allowances.

3. A better Work-life Balance:

While working in Australia, work-life balance and your own mental and physical health are the key components.

  • Work Hours: In contrast to the frequently extended hours in the UK and NZ, doctors working full-time can typically anticipate around 38 hours per week.
  • Leisure Opportunities: Whether you’re a nature lover or a city slicker, Australia has it everything, from frantic metropolitan life to peaceful beaches and outback getaways.
  • High Standard of Living: Australia’s doctors may anticipate not only professional fulfilment but also a high standard of living thanks to the support of an effective healthcare system. Life in Australia is extremely enriching, whether it’s having access to cutting-edge conveniences, staying in cosy quarters, or taking advantage of the numerous recreational opportunities.

4. Modern Healthcare Facilities:

Australia’s medical system competes on a worldwide scale.

  • Technological Advancements: The medical facilities in Australia often rival, if not surpass, those in the UK and New Zealand in terms of state-of-the-art technology.
  • Research and Development: For those with a passion for research, Australia is replete with prospects for innovation, supported by remarkable financing and global partnerships.

5. Cultural and Lifestyle Benefits:

Australia’s multiculturalism and diverse way of life are unquestionably alluring.

  • Diverse Communities: Because of Australia’s sizable multicultural population, working there gives doctors a deeper understanding of global medical issues.
  • Climate and Environment: Australia’s varied climate offers something for everyone, whether you favour warm beaches, temperate forests, or dry regions.

6. Possibilities for Professional Development:

The Australian medical environment encourages lifelong learning.

  • Ongoing Learning: The medical community has access to a wide range of conferences, workshops, and courses.
  • Networking: Australia is a hub for international medical networking due to its strategic location in the Asia-Pacific area.


Being a doctor in Australia could be one of the best career moves you can make for your future success. For doctors from the UK and New Zealand, being a doctor in Australia is an attractive idea because of the combination of professional opportunities, a high standard of living, and the authentic Australian experience. It could be time to take into account this fascinating endeavour if the thought of developing your medical profession while soaking up the Australian sun appeals to you.


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