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Looking to increase your clinical review capacity or need support with policy writing and medico-legal assessments?

We’ve got you covered with our flexible, quality solutions

We understand the complexities of the industry and have a wealth of experience, meaning our clients receive the best knowledge, expertise and service.

When it comes to advising and consulting, we’re here to provide a wide range of services.

Thanks to our extensive network of doctors, nurses and allied health professionals, our team can help with:

  • Sourcing expert professional opinion for research and development
  • Fast access to medical expertise for insurance agencies and corporate and government organisations
  • Writing medico-legal assessments, health-related documents, medical articles, info sheets and policies and procedures
  • Compensation review, claims review and management
  • Clinic review capacity and clinical advisory services
  • Independent legal examinations
  • Advice and management of Covid safe processes and practices
  • Implementation of pandemic management plans

Our team can work with you directly onsite, or remotely across Australia and New Zealand via our secure cloud-based portal. We guarantee a high standard of opinion and reporting in line with relevant legislation and guidelines.

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“The biggest benefit of using Medic Oncall by HCA is having access to a great range of shifts that suit my lifestyle, without any pressure at all to take on roles that I’m not interested in. They are a pleasure to deal with, I always recommend them to friends and colleagues”

– Dr Emily Doyle

“Working with Medic Oncall by HCA has been so good that I’ve not had to use any other medical workforce organisations. They have a great work volume, very professional, friendly staff and
prompt, reliable service.”

– Dr Kevin Saw