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One Important Locum Doctor Benefit is Spending More Time with Family!


Dr Kuan Tan tells us about his locum experiences so far and how it has benefited his work-life balance.

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Locum Doctor, Dr Kuan Tan, talks to us about his locum experiences.

Why did you decide to become a locum doctor?

Because if the flexibility of being able to choose what, where and when I would like to work.

What attracted you to locum with Medic Oncall?

I have been working with Medic Oncall for over 10 years and really appreciate their passion and eagerness to assist in any way possible to suit how I wanted my work schedule to be.

What have you learned about yourself through the locum work that you do?

It has to be Independence. As I work mostly in the environment of sole doctor role, knowing both my strengths and weaknesses is crucial in helping me grow.

What are the three main benefits of working as a locum?

Flexibility, work-life balance and good income.

How has locum work affected your personal life and work-life balance?

I have been able to spend more time with family, and nothing tops this.

What should doctors be looking out for when searching for a locum work provider?

They should be looking for reliability and breadth of work available.

Can you tell us about the most memorable location you have worked at as a locum? Why was it so memorable?

I started working in this small private metro hospital 10 years ago, and over the years I have gotten to know the staff really well, not to mention the hospital itself. It sometimes made me feel like I was part of the family, which was heartwarming.

What advice do you have for doctors considering working locum?

Work as hard as you want, but remember that life isn’t just about work.

At Medic Oncall, we specialise in clinical and non-clinical jobs and solutions for doctors, healthcare providers, government, corporate and event organisations.

As a leading provider of healthcare services, locum doctor staffing, and medical workforce management, we are committed to finding solutions that work for our doctors and our clients.

Top up your income, earn a higher pay rate or gain the flexibility you need to travel, study or spend time with your family. We have a diverse range of locum opportunities available across Australia and New Zealand. We believe in the importance of building relationships. Our team cares about you and your work preferences. It is our mission to find the ideal solution for you.

Join the Medic Oncall community and you will be supported by our welcoming, friendly and professional team.

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