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Locum Doctor Q&A – Consider a Less Common Career Path


Dr Sarah Abrahamson shares her locum journey with Medic Oncall and gives some great advice for doctors considering locum.

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Locum Doctor Q&A - Consider a Less Common Career Path
Locum doctor Q&A – consider a less common career path

What attracted you to work locum?

I wanted to try a range of different jobs, and to be able to choose the hours and days I can work.

Think back to when you first registered with Medic Oncall, how was the overall process from registering to getting your first locum shift?

I was attracted to Medic Oncall because of their prominence in Victoria and long history here. The registration process has been very well organised.

What are the three main benefits of working as a locum?

  1. Flexibility
  2. Possible higher pay
  3. Interesting new situations

How has locum work affected your personal life and work-life balance?

It has allowed me to spend more time with my family, while also increasing my scope of work.

What should medical professionals be looking out for when searching for a locum work provider?

Make sure the agency can offer you opportunities in your area of interest.

Has there been a location that you have enjoyed working at, and has been memorable?

I have ongoing non- clinical work with an insurer, which is great for meeting new people and learning the finer details about practices of a wide range of clinicians.

What advice do you have for medical professionals considering working locum?

Seriously consider taking less common career paths, including part time non-clinical roles, if you plan on having flexibility with children.

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Dr Sarah Abrahamson is working locum with Medic Oncall.

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