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Q&A with a FIFO Doctor – Variety is the spice of life!


We speak with Dr Cathryn D’Cruz to hear about her locum experiences.

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Dr Cathryn DCruz 2
Dr Cathryn D’Cruz talks to us about her locum experiences.

Why did you decide to become a locum doctor?

Because there is so much variety and more interesting work. It’s never boring when working locum!

What attracted you to locum with Medic Oncall?

Medic Oncall are great to work with. They have excellent communication and lots of opportunities provided for you.

Think back to when you first registered with Medic Oncall, how was the overall process from registering to getting your first locum shift?

The process was very easy and simple. No hassle at all.

What do you think makes a great locum doctor?

I think being flexible and enthusiastic is what makes a great locum doctor. Someone who is happy to work anywhere and is just Easy to get on with.

What have you learned about yourself through the locum work that you do?

I’ve learned that I love variety and that I can adjust easily to new work opportunities.

What are the three main benefits of working as a locum?

For me, the three benefits are 1. Variety of work, 2. flexible hours & 3. enjoyable work.

How has locum work affected your personal life and work-life balance?

Locum work has has provided me with a great work-life balance due it being so flexible. Now I can be more spontaneous and not have to plan months in advance.

What should doctors be looking out for when searching for a locum work provider?

Doctors should be looking for honesty and integrity in their locum provider. Good communication is also very important!

Can you tell us about the most memorable location you have worked at as a locum? Why was it so memorable?

It would have to be FIFO work to a remote town in WA. It was fun flying on tiny planes to remote clinics. Everyone was so friendly and laid back and the work was really interesting. Lovely experience!

What advice do you have for doctors considering working locum?

Variety is the spice of life! Don’t get bogged down in only one area of medicine. There are so many interesting jobs out there. It’s more fun to try lots of different roles. Be courageous and give it a go!

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As a leading provider of healthcare services, locum doctor staffing, and medical workforce management, we are committed to finding solutions that work for our doctors and our clients.

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