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Working Rural: 4 Reasons Why Every Australian Doctor Should Consider it.

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Working as a rural doctor in Australia may seem like an unusual career choice, but it includes a host of benefits. This out-of-the-ordinary experience creates more personal connections with your patients, an enhanced skill set, and can even result in more free time as well as a higher salary.

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Working as a rural doctor can result in more free time to explore our beautiful country.

That Community Connection

Doctors are naturally kind-hearted, giving people. The desire to care for those less fortunate or sick runs deep through each one of us. When it comes to rural healthcare, the connection to the community also runs deep as you are the first point of contact when something goes wrong.

When you see the same people bring in their kids for check-ups or their grandfather after a fall, a personal bond is created and maintained, allowing you deeper insight into their lives and care. It’s an altogether different work experience than the hectic revolving door of an urban practice.

This kind of pace change can increase your work satisfaction levels and even affect your personal philosophy of what it means to be a doctor.

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Altogether, working rural is a unique working experience.

A Clear and Persistent Need

If you’re considering dipping a toe into the world of rural healthcare, you should know there’s currently a high demand for doctors in rural Australia. According to the Australian National University Medical School, doctors are being encouraged to take rural placements to meet the needs of residents.

Often, the facilities and services these residents need are simply too far away to be accessible. By helping to fill that gap, your services become a lifeline for everyone in the community.

Higher Pay

As nice as it is to feel wanted, it can be even nicer to be wanted professionally, as this usually translates into a higher bank balance. It’s no secret that doctors in rural locations are in short supply, and because of this, they can often command higher salaries.

One of the benefits of rural life for doctors is getting more money to do what you love. It also happens to be easier to save that money in rural locations as well.

Additionally, it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Many doctors take on locum placements in rural locations to temporarily slow down the pace of life or to save a big purchase, such as a holiday or down payment on a house.

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One of the benefits of rural life for doctors is getting more money to do what you love.

New Challenges

No matter where we work, everyone gets into a routine, but sometimes we need to seek out new challenges. Working as a rural doctor is a great way to mix up your professional life from the urban or suburban setting you’ve become used to.

In fact, there are often too few skilled professionals available in rural locations, meaning that you will likely be confronted with novel situations requiring you to flex skills you didn’t know you had or to learn new ones.

Simply put, a placement in rural Australia is a great way to gain experience and pad out your resume.  

Final Thoughts

At Medic OnCall, we are keenly aware of the need for rural doctors in Australia, but also of the benefits of rural life. Making a significant difference in the lives of others can also make a substantial difference in your own.

Why not contact us today to inquire about our placements in areas less travelled? It could be the best decision you ever make!

Experience the Medic Oncall benefits first-hand.

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