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5 Misconceptions of Working as a Locum Doctor

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If you’ve been considering taking the plunge into a life of working as a locum doctor, the sheer number of things to consider can seem overwhelming. You may have had colleagues tout the benefits of locum work and others warning you of the pitfalls. Whatever stage of the decision-making process you’re in, there are quite a few misconceptions about life as a locum within all areas of the medical profession.

Here, we’ve gathered 5 of the most common misconceptions that may be preventing you from embarking on a journey opening new doors in your career.

Working as a locum doctor has its own special challenges, but these five common misconceptions often keep people from a lucrative change.

#1 Lack of Secure Work

Many medical professionals have considered locum doctor jobs but are turned off by the notion that there is a lack of secure work in the field. While it is true that working as a locum doctor doesn’t lock you into a binding, long-term contract, there’s certainly no lack of work! In fact, according to Australian Doctor, the doctor workforce crisis has even increased rates to as much as $4000 a day for locums.

With demand for locums skyrocketing, Medic Oncall is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the hot job market.

#2 It’s All or Nothing

A common misconception is that you’re either working as a locum doctor or as a regular doctor. However, one of the benefits of registering with Medic Oncall for locum doctor jobs is that it doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

Many doctors take jobs as they arise, at weekends, on holidays or just outside of your normal working hours. Working as a locum doctor can be a fantastic way to bump up your salary, perhaps even take that dream vacation without having to dip into your regular pay.

#3 Working as a Locum Doctor Doesn’t Enhance My CV

The idea that one doesn’t gain worthwhile experience while working as a locum doctor is simply not true. Exposure to different practice methods, novel situations that one wouldn’t usually encounter in their daily duties and assisting with the operation of various practices can all be a great benefit to any professional when these situations inevitably pop up during the course of your career.

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The nature of a locum doctor’s job affords more quality time with patients.

#4 What About Connecting with My Patients?

We often hear that when considering working as a locum doctor, one of the biggest negatives is losing that special relationship with your patients. In reality, we’ve found the vast majority of locum doctors experience an increase in connection with their patients.

The nature of a locum doctor’s job affords more quality time with patients as doctors report being able to simply come to work and do exactly what they are hired to do, without all the extra tasks that come with a long-term assignment.

#5 Locum Doctors Don’t Make as Much as Staff Physicians

Last but not least, people often think that they can’t earn as much on a locum doctor’s salary due to the short assignments they take on, but actually, this is a benefit. The pay is set initially before the work is performed and isn’t subject to how many patients are seen or reduced by overhead costs of running one’s own practice. As mentioned earlier, a locum doctor’s salary can be quite substantial as there are always needs to fill.

Final Thoughts

There are multiple ways to approach working as a locum doctor, and while there seems to be some truth in each of these situations, the fact is they’re simply myths that aren’t applicable to life as a locum doctor as a whole.

Whether you’re reluctant to give up your full-time job completely, considering the impact on your patients, or just unsure, Medic Oncall are available to speak to. Be rest assured your interests and preferences will always be prioritised. Why not enquire today and let us help you start a new stage in your career? Contact us today

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