Your first choice for clinical and non-clinical medical workforce solutions

Medic Oncall by Healthcare Australia is here to make your experience with us as simple and easy as possible.

Your destination for clinical and non-clinical solutions

Medic Oncall by Healthcare Australia is here to make your experience as simple and easy as possible.

Why we’re different

Medic Oncall by Healthcare Australia offers healthcare services and medical workforce management to healthcare providers, government, corporate and event organisations. This enables us to provide our clients with the best doctors and our doctors with diverse and unique opportunities throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Providing full end-to-end services nationally to metropolitan, regional, rural and remote locations.

Streamlined shift listings, bookings and management processes.

Interactive and easy-to-use app that can be accessed via mobile or online portal.

Offering complete healthcare services and medical workforce management in Australia and New Zealand.

Outstanding medical contract management including invoicing and payroll.

Australian owned and operated, supporting doctors of all specialties and seniorities.

Tenure in the healthcare sector enabling us to offer tailored and cost-effective solutions.

Live booking system that offers flexibility and real-time information.

Open every day for your convenience including weekends and public holidays.

You’ll be supported by a welcoming, professional and experienced team.

International standards in service delivery and medical management to ISO 9001:2015

Supported by the expertise and diversity of Healthcare Australia Pty Ltd

Our vision

Medic Oncall by Healthcare Australia will deliver a range of medical capability and business solutions to clients and doctors that meet their needs. To our clients these services are innovative, ethical and sustainable and directed at specific client’s requirements. To our doctors these are targeted at meeting each individual’s needs and requirements.

Our promise

To provide the highest standard of customer service to our clients, and doctors, to enable them to meet and exceed their professional needs and expectations.

Our core values


We do what we say we will do with integrity, professionalism and without compromise.


We ensure excellence in everything that we do in order to the deliver the highest level of care.


Our open, vibrant and collaborative culture builds genuine relationships, deliver outstanding customer service and provides a rewarding place to work.


We create market leading healthcare recruitment solutions by driving innovation and expertise to adapt the needs of our clients, candidates and patients.


Our diverse and talented team continually evaluate everything we do to ensure a flexible, successful business both today and tomorrow.